Welcome. Grace Church meets at Hayfield Lane Primary School, Auckley, Doncaster, at 10.45am on Sunday mornings. We are a family friendly church with a child friendly service which is open to everyone. On Sunday morning refreshments are served from 10.15am and all are welcome to join us.  There are groups for children from birth through to the end of Primary School, which begin part way through the service.

We also meet again at 4-5pm on a Sunday afternoon at the school (every Sunday apart from the first Sunday of the month).  This service is a bit more informal and the children stay in.  We praise God in song, pray together, read the Bible and hear it taught and help one another apply it to our lives.

Why not come along and join us?


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Today at Little Fishes we made Christmas wreaths as we continued the Christmas story. Don't they look great?
Why not join us next week when we meet the wise men?

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Last week we started telling our Toddlers the amazing truth of the Christmas story! We made paper angels, and they are gorgeous!
This week we get a visit from some shepherds. Why not bring your preschooler to Grace Church Little Fishes in the bungalow next to Hayfield Lane Primary School from 9ish till 11? We'd love to see you...

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