Welcome. Grace Church meets at Hayfield Lane Primary School, Auckley, Doncaster, at 10.45am on Sunday mornings. We are a family friendly church with a child friendly service which is open to everyone. On Sunday morning refreshments are served from 10.15am and all are welcome to join us.  There are groups for children from birth through to the end of Primary School, which begin part way through the service.

Why not come along and join us?

During the week we have Little Fishes parent and toddlers on Monday, Gospel Group on a Wednesday and Coffee Time on a Friday.  Why not find out more by clicking on ‘what we do’.


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We've had a few questions recently about our Coffee Time events, so thought we'd answer them here too for anyone else who may be wondering the same...

Who can come? Everyone's welcome. You don't have to come to church or have children attending the school, it's for anyone from the local community. Feel free to bring friends/family/neighbours. You're also welcome to come on your own, you'll receive a warm welcome and we'll be glad to get to know you.

What ages is it for? All ages are welcome- there's toys out for children to play with. We've had from the littlest of babies through to a great-great-Grandma!

What should I expect? It's cafe-style with chairs round circular tables. There's a hatch where you can get hot or cold drinks, and a table with cakes nearby to help yourself. There's usually some dominoes or cards available if anyone fancies a game, and occasionally we might have some mindful colouring or crafts available. There's usually music on in the background. Toys are set up at the back of the room for any little ones who join us, and there is also an outside space with ride-ons and a slide.

Location: the zone at Hayfield Lane Primary School. Look out for the Grace Church banner on the fence on Hayfield Lane opposite the co-op, this entrance leads up to the zone. Limited parking is available.

How much will it cost? It's completely free, just bring yourself. If you enjoy baking, feel free to bring something to share some time.

When is it on? We currently run every Friday during term time, 2:30-3:30.

If you've got any other questions feel free to drop us a message.
Hope to see you soon! 🙂

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